"Biofeedback is a powerful, painless and non-invasive mind-body training that can teach you to how use your mind to regulate your body "


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"Scientifically proven, highly effective, non invasive and painless training method helping you to improve brain functioning without the side effects of medication. "


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"….Training for Sport, Cognitive and Artistic Peak Performance "

Mental Skills Training

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"Peak performance training offers new ways to optimise your performance and gain overall well-being. "

Peak Performance Training

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"…a psychological assessment, providing complex understanding of thought processes, personality characteristics and mood states. "

Psychodiagnostic testing

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"we can assist you to identify the sources of stress in your life and coach you to successfully apply your individual coping strategies. "

Stress & Anxiety Relief

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Triumph over Challenges, Thrive on Pressure

WelcomeIf the stress and strain of your personal and professional lives are impacting on your health and performance, you need a cutting edge method that is proven to work. HEBF’s innovative biofeedback training is ideal for busy professionals, athletes, and emergency workers looking to take control of their mental and physical health without expensive and invasive interventions.

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