If the stress and strain of your personal and professional lives are impacting on your health and performance, you need a cutting edge method that is proven to work. HEBF’s innovative biofeedback training is ideal for busy professionals, athletes, and emergency workers looking to take control of their mental and physical health without expensive and invasive interventions.

Our main goal is to introduce you to  pleasant and relaxing techniques, using your natural body resources, as effective, painless and non-invasive alternative to medication.

Following the success in USA and many other countries around the world, biofeedback has strong potential to become one of the leading treatments for stress related disorders. As the awareness about biofeedback continues to grow, it increases its popularity and becomes successfully used by many more health practitioners around the UK.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide quality and professional health services by giving you the treatment and support you need to improve your quality of life, to return to an active and healthy lifestyle. The approach is holistic and mind-body centred. We integrate complementary methodologies and techniques to offer a highly personalized concept tailored to each client.

To secure your personal comfort and safety we are fully insured and use only the most advanced, certified and medically approved devices.


Clients testimonials: 

“I started having the neurofeedback with Zuzana to treat my terrible headaches & anxiety, which had been caused by a big period of stress. After an initial consultation Zuzana made a plan that was suitable for me & I saw her once a week for 6 weeks. At the start of my session I would rate my headaches & anxiety on a scale of 1 – 10 & each week I saw a great improvement on both. My headaches were no longer daily, and intense & by my last session my headaches had completely gone. I can get the odd one now & again, but they are no where near how they were like before. I’m so thankful to Zuzana for being so knowledgeable & so understanding, and for helping me to get my life back! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone”. Sheryl


“Zuzana’s techniques have given me incredible insight into the workings of my body and mind. After only a few hours I have noticed dramatic improvements for concentration, stress reduction, sleep and even my golf performance. I highly recommend her practice to anyone who believes there may be internal barriers holding them back.”      Craig, Cambridge


“Thank you Zuzana for a wonderful relaxing experience. I am 6 months pregnant and this relaxation session helped me to calm my mind and re-energize my body. I would definitely recommend this session to all my friends and I can’t wait to come back again.”     Petra, Stevenage


“I was extremely satisfied with the service I received as I was able to increase my confidence levels using the techniques I learnt from the sessions. In particular, I was able to reduce anxiety by using diaphragmatic breathing which helped during social situations. Also, the neurofeedback sessions helped to improve my concentration levels and ability to relax.

 Also, I found Zuzana to be very friendly and down to earth, giving good advice and provided a holistic approach that improved my motivation levels. Following Zuzana’s advice, I have developed goals to improve certain aspects of my lifestyle like eating a more healthy diet and adopting a regular exercise routine.”    Greg, Dartford


“I have been coached by Zuzana for many months and her contribution to help me understand my inner health and to contribute to my professional development is outstanding.

You wouldn’t neglect your Car so why do the same with your own health when you can tap into the amazing help from Zuzana. Within only a few months I have started to understand the ridiculous pace of my lifestyle and the damage it was doing. Now I am totally in tune with my body and understand it needs much more care. Plus I have already started on lots of new projects to help me develop due to the superb coaching of Zuzana. Truly recommended and in fact everyone should have a Zuzana in their lives.” ~ Scott M.


“I want to thank you for the great help given me while a was preparing for my triathlon swimming competition. I was introduced to the powerful tool of biofeedback and neurofeedback which helped me to increase my focus, turn down the anxiety before the competition and together with your mental skills coaching I learnt how to effectively manage my emotions and increase the confidence and ability to enter the zone. I will highly recommend your services to everyone who wants to improve performance and mental skills to achieve higher level of excellence in sports.”  ~ Franziska B, Triathlon Swimmer


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About your practitioner:

 Zuzana Radacovska

MA (Psych),   ADV. Dip. PSM

Zuzija bez kvietocky

Zuzana Radacovska is an experienced psychologist, biofeedback and stress management practitioner who helps overwhelmed, emotionally drained people who find themselves in the spiral of stress to rebalance  their emotions, eliminate unnecessary worries and transform stressful situations into opportunities so they can live a more meaningful, self aware and resilient life.

Zuzana is currently working as a Sport Psychologist  of Sprint Canoeists in Dukla Trencin, Slovakia 

She also guides the compassionate, dedicated caregivers, and helpers to emphasize the importance of self-care, teach them how to sometimes ‘turn down the empathy dial’ to avoid ‘burn out’, and how to break free from the bonds that restrict them from living a happy, healthy life.

Zuzana’s mind-body holistic approach is changing the common perspective from the typical couch therapy purging out of past experiences, to one where the body is also seen as part of the experience itself, and as such is integrated in the healing process by restoring its natural, internal balance.


How Zuzana’s Qualifications and Career Experience Serve You:

After attaining a degree in Psychology at Presov University in Slovakia (focusing on the field of health related behaviour, stress and chronic pain) and working as a member of a professional team of doctors and psychologists, Zuzana was an active participant in chronic pain and anxiety research which was consequently published in a number of medical journals.

Whilst working as a psychologist in Juvenile Justice Centre, Zuzana had the opportunity to discover the powerful field of biofeedback but also truly experience how the daily exposure to trauma, suffering and pain of the others can leave compassionate helpers and caregivers emotionally exhausted and lead to burnout. She suffered from compassion fatigue and left her beloved work, country and family and went on the long journey of self-discovery.

You can read the full story here:

 My Professional Journey

In October 2004, Zuzana moved to England and after 7 years and few dramatic career changes, she finally empowered herself to return to the profession she always loved to.   Somewhere deep inside she felt that the only profession which could ever fulfill her was supporting and enabling others. Therefore, she uncovered her personal story to inspire and engage the others in the process of natural, holistic healing and created  thriving and successful stress management and biofeedback practice.

Following her interest in stress related disorders and brain physiology she decided to enhance her knowledge in the specific areas of biofeedback and neurofeedback. Zuzana went on to receive further training in stress management and biofeedback and successfully completed:

  • Certificate in Neurofeedback therapy  awarded by EEG Info,  California, USA
  • Level 1 Certified Mental Coach awarded by International Mental Game Coaching Association, California, USA
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management at the College of Integrated Therapies
  • Practitioners training in biofeedback and neurofeedback from the Society of Applied Neuroscience
  • Quantitative EEG, Event Related Potential and Neurotherapy Course awarded by Prof. Jury D. Kropotov
  • Certificate in Relaxation therapy at The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate in Personal Coaching with UK Coaching Academy
  • IOSH  Managing Safely – Certificate in Health and Safety Management
  • Certificate in Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback awarded by Prof. Richard Gevirtz, PhD.
  • The Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning sector (PTLLS) at Hertford Regional College
  • HeartMath® Certificate for Sport Professional to coach individuals on 1:1 bases in sport
  • Compassion Fatigue Specialist Training  issued by Traumatology Institute  in Canada
  • Level 2 Certificate in Health and Nutrition, Blackpool College,

Zuzana is a  proud associate of Beyond the Barriers, a leading peak performance company,  training top athletes and business executives;


 Associate of Down The Corridor, unique executive coaching company, working with businesses and top executives in the UK and around the world


Associate Wellness Consultant of Sports13, expert providers of health, engagement & wellness services;


 A professional partner to MetisAthlete,  an Athlete Management company which provides athletes the best counsel and wise wisdom available to ensure high performance on the world stage


Associate Neurofeedback Therapist of  brain training company BrainTrainUK


A contributor to a unique project dedicated retired athletes to deal with the bad and the ugly of retirement Crossing the line


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