Do you find yourself feeling stressed most of the time even in situations which were normal to you?

Does stress affect your ability to work, your relationship and overall health?

Stress may come from a number of different sources, it can be a situation, live event, illness, perhaps thought or        feeling. While short term stress is normal and healthy response to a challenge, intense and prolonged stress can    negatively impact health and well-being.

Your ability to cope with stress is closely related to your personal level of self-control and emotional state.

So how to cope with excessive stress?

I will share with you a simple technique you can apply anytime you feel under pressure and don’t know how to cope  with the demands of everyday life.

The technique is called  ANTI-STRESS SHELTER.

So take five minute break, sit down and try to relax. Imagine you have built an ANTI-STRESS SHELTER.

This could be a quiet place in your house, garden, work or simply just  your favorite place you can escape to when you feel stressed. Try to be more specific, chose one chair, table, or maybe a quiet bench at your local park.  Now  take a deep breath and relax. Imagine stress as a dark cloud slowly approaching you. You want to escape to your ANTI-STRESS SHELTER but you need  to quickly decide what to take with you. Recall a particular time in your life when you felt happy, loved and safe. Pick a powerful example. It is worthwhile looking back at your memories to relive times when you had this desired state, the context is unimportant, what is important is recalling a few particularly strong experiences and then selecting the most powerful one.

Think about  something what has a personal value and is related to the those positive life experiences. It might be a family picture, a toy, a book, your favorite CD or maybe something more personal like a wedding ring, birthday card form your child or first love letter from your husband.

Anytime you feel stressed and need to relax, go to your ANTI-STRESS SHELTER. Don’t forget to take  your chosen valuables with you. Breath slowly and deeply and experience the feeling of Calmness, Love and Gratitude. You might need to repeat it  a few times until you link your ANTI-STRESS SHELTER with your desired state.

Please note that this ANTI-STRESS SHELTER won’t save you from every stressful situation but it might become an effective stress management technique once you need to take a short break from the excessive pressure of everyday life.





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