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Improve Your Mental Poker Game


“To play poker well, you don’t need a forehand like Andre Agassi or a right foot like David Beckham. You just need to make better decisions than everyone else. Part of the art of decision making is managing knowledge more effectively than others – this means having more of it and knowing better how to process what you have. More important than knowing what to do however, is having the self control to actually do it. Executing excellently in the moment. To this end, management of your brain and body are crucial. I think we’re just at the beginning of learning how to manage ourselves at a physical, electrical and chemical level. Those players who take this kind of thinking seriously, in my opinion, are well on their way to giving themselves a massive edge over the field.”

Caspar Berry, Former Professional Poker Player and Public Speaker on Risk and Decision Making. 



Being a great poker player requires making right decisions under uncertainty, such as changing cards, raising a bet and discarding a hand. Like other gambling games, this uncertainty can evoke the mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety. This makes poker play tightly linked with emotional arousal which can lead you to make irrational decisions. Adding the pressure of the game, you might have hard time paying enough attention to your emotions, as your mind is occupied by the demands of the game strategy.

Beyond luck, poker requires skill. For instance, understanding probabilities and logical strategies facilitate effective poker play.

However, as the common term ”poker face” indicates, controlling one’s own emotions is also an important skill.

Normally, you don’t have a way to objectively observe and quantify your level of stress and anxiety. This is where biofeedback, training of emotional arousal, comes necessary. It helps you to recognize and understand your mental state, gives you the ability to observe how your thoughts affect your body and performance and offers you a unique skill to control your emotional level, muscle tension and helps you to make tough decisions under pressure.


Simply said, biofeedback is a powerful tool to enhance your poker performance. Biofeedback uses instrumentation to monitor and feedback the physiological changes that continuously occur within an individual. It is like a psycho-physiological mirror giving you an opportunity to observe and control the level of anxiety from SCL (skin conductance level), attention from HR (heart rate), and positive/negative emotion from facial EMG (muscle tension).

Once these skills are learned, they increase the possibility of achieving your personal best by generating the sense of INNER CONFIDENCE through the ability to control and self-regulate your emotional state.

Biofeedback for Poker Mastery is a unique program offering you simple, yet very effective methods to improve your poker performance and ability to control your body and mind under pressure.

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