“The number of people suffering stress, anxiety and depression because of redundancies, job insecurity and pay cuts owing to the recession is soaring.”

We understand you, we know how hard is to survive this difficult time.

You need more than financial health to secure your future.

You  need emotional, relational, spiritual and cognitive well-being as well.

 Therefore, we decided to offer concession to all student, unemployed, vulnerable adults,  and retired

reducing our session fee to £35 per session! (normally £45)*

Plus the session fees for children and youths under 15 years old are reduced to £30 per session (normally £45)*


 Are you falling to one of those categories but still can’t afford the treatment?

Wait, there is one more surprise!

Every month we will be giving out up to 5 sessions of biofeedback treatment to 1 special client. It might be you!

Just send us your personal story , describe your problems and why you can’t afford the treatment and you might be chosen.

Our offer starts 1st July but  don’t wait and send us  your story now!

Just don’t forget to put the word “HOPE”  to the subject line and email it to us at info@hebiofeedback.co.uk.

We can’t wait to hear form you!

*The offer is valid until 31st July 2012 and cannot be used with any other existing offer.