Deep State Relaxation for Cancer Warriors


file000944622705Facing a cancer is always overwhelming and extremely stressful for cancer patients and their caregivers.

As a cancer warrior you know how it can drain you, emotionally and physically. You may  feel stressed, lonely,   hopeless about the future.

Maybe you have been experiencing troubles getting out of bed in the morning, feel severely fatigued and depressed. You tried to hide your pain but you don’t know how you will “make it through another day”….

Relaxation techniques  can help you calm your mind, relax your body, improve quality of sleep, decrease fatigue after chemo or radiotherapy and increase the quality of life and well-being.  These techniques offer creative ways to reduce stress caused by cancer and to maintain inner peace.

To help you coping with such a difficult and emotionally draining procedures I would like to introduce you a  unique form of deep state relaxation called Alpha/Theta Neurofeedback

The process is very simple:  We measure the activity of your brain by attaching the electrodes to the scalp.  By rewarding the positive activity we help to lead the brain to the desired state. In case of deep relaxation we are talking about the state called hypnogogic state – the border between waking and sleeping. There is a special protocol which slowly leads you brain to this state but doesn’t let you to fall asleep. It is extremely relaxing both physically and mentally, the body is relaxed and the mind sort “emptied” from every day thoughts.

Majority of clients who are going thorough this procedure  report feeling more relaxed, calmer, re-energized and  revitalized.

This session also helps dealing with emotional issues, fatigue, pain, sleep problems,  stress, and anxiety by giving you the opportunity to relax your nervous system and connect with your inner feelings.

To support the Cancer Warriors we are now offering

£145 discount 

on  5 session deep state relaxation package

which you can now  purchase  for only

£325 (normally £470)

(Gift vouchers and Single sessions for the price of £70 also available)

To find out more about how You or Your Loved One can benefit from this unique form of deep state relaxation please don’t hesitate to   contact      Zuzana   on or   calling at   07534 432480.

I’ll look forward to be a part of your journey.

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