Businessman Thinking on StepsDear Hard Worker!

Are you spending  hours and hours staring at a blank page of your project or learning materials but can’t get it going?

The ideas simply don’t want to pop into your head.

The harder you try, the more difficult it becomes..

The hours are passing quickly and you have realized that you haven’t been able to get anything done.

The level of anxiety is sky high and you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

The bosses  are knocking on your door, the exams are coming but all you have are bags under eyes and high level of caffeine in your bloodstream.

Does it sound familiar?

Perhaps your energy is dragging or you need laser-sharp focus.

Maybe concentrating on a single task always been one of your strong points. But lately you have noticed that your mind is cluttered and no matter how hard you try to concentrate, nothing flows easily.

Perhaps you know that you’re using only a small portion of your mental capacity but you can’t seem to make the breakthrough you want.

You are frequently exposed to high levels of stress and pressure because you need to perform on a daily basis. More deadlines pressure, longer hours, stress-full environment, more exams are causing overloads.

You need to perform every day and have no time to rehearse…

Imagine, how much time and effort you could save, if you were able to focus your mind on everything you do.

But don’t despair!

Now you can easily reach high-performance brain states, ideal for increasing cognition and focusing on any task.

I want to present to you a DIFFERENT way of effective performance that removes ANY obstacles that could be preventing you from achieving your maximum potential and productivity!

Neurofeedback training is a valuable tool to bring the brain back on track after day-to-day stress, or to facilitate peak performance for corporate executives,  business owners, scientist, artists or professional athletes (successfully used by Olympic teams of USA or Canada, top football teams like Chelsea,  Manchester United, AC Milan, NASA pilots or European Space Agency).

It allows you  to gain information about your brainwave activity and use that information to produce changes in the brain.

Neuro­feedback enables you to:

  • Gain mastery over anxiety,
  • Make better decisions  and gain greater ability to think clearly,
  • Solve complex problems at will and work smarter all day long
  • Learn difficult subjects effortlessly
  • Better manage distraction and maximize your focus and productivity
  • Improve quality of sleep and memory
  • Regulate your emotions and energy to perform at your brain prime time
  • Stay cool under pressure when expectation go out of control

Within just 5-10 sessions, you will note changes in behaviour, attention, or alertness. You will feel more update and report a greater sense of well-being, and over the longer time it can greatly help improve concentration, reduce stress, eliminate headaches and more.

Sound interesting? Trust me, it works like a superfuel!

Please contact Zuzana by email or phone to discuss how neurofeedback training can help you to improve you focus, headaches, anxiety, decision making and quality of sleep.

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Looking forward to be a part of your transformation!

To Your Success