This is an unique opportunity for any 


We are giving  away 3 SPECIAL SESSIONS.  

The session will last about 1.5 hour and is completely

This is a unique opportunity  to  get REAL INSIGHT into your body and mind using psycho-physiological measurements such as heart rate, muscle tension, temperature, skin conductance,  breathing and brain activity.

In order to perform at your best you need to be in optimal state of mind and body. By using the Biofeedback and Neurofeedback methods you will get  a unique opportunity to:

  • Experience how stress, anxiety and thoughts affect your performance
  • Identify what is happening in your brain when you are in ‘zone’ or fully relaxed
  • Find optimal way how to decrease your arousal level, increase focus, reaction time and concentration

“Many of the best combat sport trainers have said that 10-20% of success in those sports comes from physical factors and 80-90% comes from mental factors.”

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There is no catch, no obligation to buy further training.. so why are we doing this?

Just for  the opportunity to learn little bit more about the physical techniques and mental discipline of the martial arts and combat sports…so we both can benefit.

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