How to beat stress at work

Have you ever noticed that in an organizational context, leaders and employees tend to do almost exactly the opposite of what the human brain and body needs, when trying to solve complex problems with others. They tend to put pressure on themselves, or have that extra coffee, or gather a lot of data, all of which tends to make the brain noisier instead of quieter.

When asked, employees will usually say their job or workplace is stressful. Nearly nine in ten of the employers surveyed reported that excessive workloads or long hours were the most significant causes of stress.  Other causes of anxiety included a lack of work-life balance (cited by 75% of employers), inadequate staffing (63%), fears about job loss (58%), and a lack of support or training (30%).

The ugly truth is that many employees  are trapped in a cycle of excessive pressure.  Their health, their  performance, their family life becomes negatively affected.  Negative emotional states inhibit focus, decision making  and performance what leads to poor productivity and increased number of mistakes.

It might be difficult to  teach people how to work out problems and how to think outside of the box,  The people in the most senior leadership teams have often said they will do things or take a certain direction and then nothing has happened. Why?

Because people need guidance! They expect someone to take their hand and lead them through the process step by step.

I believe that despite your busy schedules you still want to be able to provide valuable, effective guidance to your employees in an efficient manner.

You are the person who manages, conducts, trains, manipulates,  deals, supervises, organizes and controls resources. You are responsible for ensuring that you got the best out of your team but at the same time you can’t grab their hand to lead them through their life.

Perhaps you were thinking to send your employees to one of the stress management workshop but who knows if they really work…

And you are right…Workshops are a great tool to entertain people. Don’t take me wrong, some of them might really work.

Do you know what is the most common type of feedback the trainers receive after their workshop?

“Great, had a good time, learned a lot, loved the cookies and tuna sandwich”

Shouldn’t you rather buy them cinema tickets or simply give them a day off?

But  don’t despair!

I want to present to you a DIFFERENT way  of helping your  employees cope with pressure, increase their productivity and maximize their performance without loosing a single hour of their work time.


 So let me introduce myself and why you should listen to me:


My name is Zuzana Kovacova, and I am an experienced performance coach, psychologist,  stress management and biofeedback practitioner, also a chess, sport and adrenaline lover! I am a founder of Herts EEG-Biofeedback, a thriving and successful biofeedback and neurofeedback practice, based in Hoddesdon, United Kingdom.

For a number of years I have helped highly driven, committed business owners, executives, engineers and scientist, to improve their cognitive skills and attention, eliminate unnecessary worries, increase personal growth and transform difficult situations into opportunities so they could live a more meaningful, self aware and resilient life.

 I am also a proud associate of Beyond the Barriers, a leading peak performance company  training top athletes and business executives,  founded  by Anna Hemmings, Britain’s most successful ever female canoeist, a two time Olympian and 6 times World Champion. I am also an associate of  neurofeedback training company BrainTrainUK,  helping children and adults to improve their focus, attention and reduce symptoms of hyperactivity.

After successfully helping many directors,  business executives, engineers, financial advisors,  and professional athletes cope with pressure and  improve their performance, I decided to offer one of my special Neuro-Cognitive Coaching Program  Thrive on Pressure and present it the way I’ve NEVER present it before.

So let me explain what  it is all about:

Thrive on Pressure is a 3- month Neuro-Cognitive Coaching Program, based on 12 modules, directly delivered  to the email Inbox a week after week. It combines education, coaching and training and teaches you (or your staff)  how to understand our brain and body so we can:

–   Make better decisions  and gain greater ability to think clearly

–  Solve complex problems at will

–   Evaluate and adjust the work environment to prevent physical problems  and technology overwhelm

–  Better manage distraction and maximize your focus and productivity

–  Regulate your emotions and energy to perform at your brain prime time

–   Stay cool under pressure when expectation go out of control

–   Discover biological limits that underlie mental performance

– Collaborate with others more effectively

–  Be more empathic and improve your listening and communication skills

–  Uncover the genius within you

The program is not any mumbo-jumbo, it is based on the principles and latest researches on Mathematics, Economics, Human Behaviour, Neuropsychology and Psychophysiology .


To enhance the learning experience the client will also receive:

–   Priority email support for the duration of the r 3-month special program

–  Weekly accountability form to keep on track with the assignments


So let’s get back to the price…

If you’re reading this post, it means you can right  now get 12 modules of Thrive on Pressure Neuro-Cognitive Coaching Program  and my personal email support

 for only  £149

I think you’ll agree, that’s pretty solid offer!

But wait, it gets even better…


 If you are one of this people who require guidance and more personal support I can a offer you a Silver Package including all the features of Thrive on Pressure program together with three 45-minute focused coaching session via Skype or phone

for only   £299

Or perhaps you need more intensive support with six 45-minute coaching sessions and would like to purchase a Golden Package

for only   £449


Please NOTE: I am going to open only 20 places so don’t wait and call us today!


Just a quick example: The  engineers who are currently undergoing  this training report less stress, better skills to cope with everyday  demands and better ability to work on their project whole day long. Isn’t it great?

And the better news is,  today I would like to offer you a

FREE first module of this program.

Please visit or simply email  to  so I will attached it for your consideration together with a quick outline of the following 11 modules + 1 Bonus Module.

I would suggest you read the first module, go through the assignment, and then  if you consider this is the best way how you can help yourself or your employees  become more resilient, more effective and productive  without spending lots of money on expensive workshops or months of sick leave and without loosing  a single  hour of their work time,  please contact me at  or you can call directly to 00447534432480 so we can discuss the options.

Please Note: The program is delivered in English only but the coaching sessions could be delivered in Slovak language too.

I look forward hearing from you soon