Hi guys,

I’ve been away for a while..and I am really sorry for that.

But believe me there was a reason. I finally finished my big big
new project. Do you wonder what it is?
Well, I launched completely new website and the reason why is

I am on the mission to support helping and emergency professionals to become
more resilient to stress and prevent burnout and compassion fatigue.

So why am I doing that?

Those who are with me for a while know that before I came to England (just about 9 years ago)

I worked as a psychologist in the Juvenile Justice Centre for girls
in Slovakia.

You might think what am I talking about so let me introduce you my
new “little baby”





I appreciate your comments, questions, critique…

If you are in helping or emergency profession and think Yeah, I feel this way” please contact me and book you FREE Pathway to Recovery Session where we can discuss how can I support you on your way to happier, joyful and more meaningful life while helping those in needs. Pathway to Recovery is FREE 60 minute 1-1, phone or Skype session so don’t wait and claim it now by visiting the website and filling in the short questionnaire. To find out more click on the link below:

Free Pathway to Recovery Session

And please, please don’t forget to forward the link to your
friends, colleagues  parents, children or anyone you might think
this informations and support can change the life because

I believe that no-one should pay the emotional cost of this job if the cost is preventable.

The feedback is just amazing, recently I received this email from a nurse:

“What a fantastic service you offer. I can identify with a lot of what you have written and have heard many of my colleagues express the same thoughts. It is refreshing to see someone out there offering help to the helpers. To often we suffer in silence. Your background story is amazing. It is great to see the initial enthusiasm and zeal you felt when u started your career return in this service you now offer. I think you will be busy for many years to come.”


Looking forward to hearing YOUR comments. Just comment on my new blog or email it to info@hebiofeedback.co.uk


Stay tuned, I have lots of news coming up.

With Love