Is daily exposure to trauma, pain and the despair of others  leaving you emotionally exhausted?

We often see ourselves functioning best when we are helping others.

This ability is a gift that we offer the world and yet without applying the self-care and resiliency skills we become neglected and drained. So let me ask you:

Is helping and supporting others a far cry from what you expected?

Hour after hour, day after day, you are supposed to help people with their pain, trauma and suffering.

And in doing so you are expected always to be “professional”, concerned, calm, warm, and caring. You started your job with a great deal of enthusiasm.

You were ideal person for this line of work – just the sort of caring, empathic and committed.

You were fired up about your work with people.

You used to be excited, full of energy, dedicated, willing to give of yourself to the others.. Too much was being asked of you and too little was being returned.

You gave, and gave until there was nothing left to give any more ..

You might feel overworked, bored, or not appreciated at your job.. like a flickering flame,burned out candle, your battery was drained and you energy spent – you feel used, empty and exhausted…

It’s not that you don’t want to help, but that you can’t! You might feel that “Something is wrong with you” or “You are too weak or incompetent to handle this job.”

You are getting to the stage where you are not sure whether you could carry on with your work…

You wonder about whether you can have a life and job that is joyfully sustainable, pleasant and fulfilling.

You love your profession, you love your job, you love to help, support, teach, protect, you are here to change someone else’s lives .. But it’s hard, it’s painful, it’s exhaustingdraining and you feel empty and tired

I know how it feels to doubt yourself, to pay the cost of empathy, caring and compassion. I  have been where you are. I suffered compassion fatigue and gave up my work as a psychologist and left the country.

I felt that I don’t want to work as a psychologist anymore. I felt hurt and fearful about allowing it to happen again. I was trained in psychology, but not in how to absorb all the pain, trauma and suffering.

So why has no one ever told me it was going to be so hard? Why has no one ever told me how to leave the stories behind the office door?

It took me 7 years to realize what I really want in my life, to realize this is the only work I  ever want to do..I took a long journey to become who I am now, and I am here to help. To help and support people like you, compassionate, empathic,  caring, heart open helpers, healers and carers.

Trust me.. You don’t have to go this way.

It is time to start taking a care of yourself, replenish your soul and spirit, recapture your sense of mission, purpose, hope and joy in your career helping others.

Everyone who works in care and support or the emergency services knows that this isn’t a job, it is a mission. You can only experience the pain of others if your heart and soul are ready.

 If you are a helper, carer, teacher, journalist, medical or emergency professional who feels emotionally empty and exhausted but still looking for the way to recapture your sense of mission, purpose, hope and joy in your career helping others, I am here to support YOU.

 So don’t wait and contact me today for your FREE 40 minute  Pathway to Recovery Session where you can learn how to:

  • Recognize  the underlying causes of stress and compassion fatigue, be more effective as a helper and take care of  yourself in ways that enable you to cope better with the pressures


  •    Find the right balance between caring too much and caring too little


  •    Restructure your  personal and professional mission as a helper


  •    Establish and reinforce healthy work/life boundaries so you can give yourself and your family time and    energy  you all deserve

Please be quite clear, there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything from me, I am pleased to offer you some highly valuable information, if after the session you feel  you’d like more of my help, we’ll discuss ways this could happen – I guarantee a FREE  40 minute Pathway to Recovery Session  will be time well spent and benefit you enormously.

So don’t wait at contact me today  at info@hebiofeedback.co.uk or calling on 07534432480 to book your FREE 40 minute  Pathway to Recovery Session today!


I’ll look forward to be a part of your transformation


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