Peak Performance and Stress Management for Sales Professionals Session

file6061263248249While stress-reduction techniques are important in all professions, they are inherently important in the sales field.

In a profession that focuses heavily on individual results and motivation, salespeople must be at the top of their game. Well, if you are a sales person you know the story.

Every day you need to focus on all the activities that lead up to closing a deal, and build a strong pipeline that protects you against the loss of a big account or the last-minute collapse of a promising deal.  The pressure of sale is always high. YOU must constantly perform 110% each and every day in a highly stressful environment, YOU have lots of responsibility, dashing from meeting to meeting, important deadlines, difficult decisions to make on a daily basis and no enough time to rehearse.

To become a good sale person, you have to find a way to take control of the situation by doing the incremental work every day of setting appointments, following up with sales leads, and dialling the phone.

But what is the real secret of true sales professionals?

You think it might be the experience, their personal charm or the knowledge they possess.

But the real truth is:

They are able to reduce their stress levels and achieve the peak performance state on demand!

Just imagine, how you would feel if you could approach every client with full confidence, if you wouldn’t need to worry about your shaking or cracking voice, lump in your throat or sweaty palms.

How would you feel if you could pick up the phone and confidently call your clients or potential customers without butterflies in your stomach and blood pressure raising the stars.

Does every sales conversation make you feel this way? Don’t worry!

Now you can learn how to build your confidence, take control of your body and mind, reduce stress level and achieve peak performance state on demand.

With our revolutionary “Peak Performance for Sales Professionals” you can learn:

–  How to manage your energy to stay at the top of your game

–   3 secrets of peak performers and how you can use them each and every day

–  2 minute stress relief technique you can apply easily and effortlessly before every sales conversation

–  How to take control over your body and mind and eliminate unnecessary stress and anxiety


Wait a minute; did you just say that you have no time for long courses; that you can hardly find time to sleep?

Don’t be afraid.

“The Peak Performance for Sales Professionals Session” only takes 2 hours!

Once you learn the secrets how to get your body and mind in the peak state, and how to eliminate impact of excessive stress on your physiology you will become a master of the sales game.

You can benefit from this session if you are sales professional, recruitment or marketing consultant, supervisor or manager, letting agent, business owner, retail assistant, waiter, call center associate or simply anyone involved in direct or indirect sale or customer service.

Trust me, these are the peak performance techniques used by top athletes and professional speakers.

I guarantee, you will leave this session with concrete tools to cope under pressure and confidently thrive in situations when others fall apart. Ultimately, ability to use these skills will change your sales result!

“Zuzana’s techniques have given me incredible insight into the workings of my body and mind. After only a few hours I have noticed dramatic improvements for concentration, stress reduction, sleep and even my golf performance. I highly recommend her practice to anyone who believes there may be internal barriers holding them back.”      Craig, Cambridge

I believe now you want to know how much does it cost… You will be surprised!

If you purchase The Peak Performance for Sales Professionals Session

until 14th September 2014* you only pay £99 for

                 2 hours of 1-2-1 training.

*After 14th September the price will increase to £149!

Bear in mind that the training can be delivered in my premises in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire but if distance is an issue, it can also be delivered via Skype.

All you have to do now is click on the button below and purchase the unique Peak Performance for Sales Professional Session right now!

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PS: What  separates the successful from the ‘also-rans’ is their ability to maintain focus
in the face of challenges, setbacks and distractions, and to get back on track quickly.