If you suffer with debilitating migraines, then read this!

A while ago I came across a new book The Migraine Revolution, a scientific guide for migraine sufferers. It was written for people whose life is heavily impacted by migraine disorder and frequent/severe migraine attacks. While some of them may have given up already, many others still cherish the secret hope that one day things will change for them.

This book empowers and enables fed up migraine patients to change themselves from “victims of migraine” into ex-migraineurs by addressing the individual glitches in body, mind and brain.

It gives reader an opportunity to tap into different  approaches to migraine relief.

We know that migraines are caused by  instabilities in the brain therefore I’m very pleased to see that the author included one of the most powerful, non-invasive and drug free  approach to treatment of migraines  –  Neurofeedback

We provide Neurofeedback treatment in our practice in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire so STOP suffering in silence…. You can end this misery!

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Watch this short video about Neurofeedback for migraines:

Here you can watch the introduction video: