Journalists and Reporters are always there to cover a “big story”.  Covering the news is their job but unlike readers, viewers or listeners, they can’t just switch off. They must note every detail, take every picture no matter how painful and traumatic it is. But no one asks them how do they feel taking pictures of dead bodies after a natural disaster, no one asks them how do they feel reporting another murder of an innocent child, no one asks you where all these stories go. These stories become a part of their life, they shatter their dreams and ruin their innocence. Their life is never going to be the same anymore…

Suffering in silence only makes the situation worse and reinforces the unhealthy shame that is associated with this normal stress response.

Specialist in the field of traumatic stress are only beginning to examine the toll this line of work may have on the health of journalists.
Unfortunately, little is known regarding the impact of such exposure on the well-being of journalists.

Research suggests that between 86%-100% of journalists have witnessed a work-related traumatic event while covering the news.

They reveal that journalists repeatedly exposed to traumatic events may appear vulnerable to the development of PTSD and other psychiatric symptoms. Nevertheless, their emotional suffering is often stigmatized and overlooked by the public, editors and journalists themselves.

 The good news is there is a help so don’t wait for somebody else to tap on your shoulder and say: “Well done, that was good, now you can take a break.”

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PS:  Remember, you don’t have to pay the emotional cost to do this work if that cost is preventable…