bigstock-the-still-life-with-violin-pi-27806909As a creative professional you must already know how stressful and frustrating is to create or perform on demand when you feel physically or mentally drained..

You may experience many creative blocks and in the worst case scenario even creative burnout.  A creative block isn’t just frustrating — it’s potentially career-damaging. When you rely on your creativity to pay the bills and build your reputation, you can’t afford to be short of ideas or the energy to put them into action.

Do you sometimes feel this way?

Do you sometimes struggle to create, compose or perform on demand?

Fortunately, there is a method which can help to remove these creative blocks and bring new source of energy and ideas to the process of creative performance. So let me tell you little bit more about it.

Neurofeedback is a brain training method which helps to improve many conditions like ADD, depression, anxiety, PTSD etc. This method is also successfully used to improve performance of business executives, athletes or art performers. There are many components we can influence with the brain training like attention, anxiety, stress, sleep or relaxation.

The process is very simple:  We measure the activity of your brain by attaching the electrodes to the scalp.  By rewarding the positive activity we help to lead the brain to the desired state. In case of creativity and performance we are talking about the state called hypnogogic state – the border between waking and sleeping.

Many scientific discoveries, original ideas, great songs, ideas for books, poems were actually discovered or imagined in this state. (e.g. theory of relativity, benzene ring, Beatles song Let it be)

There is no doubt that this state of consciousness has been a productive source of creative ideas.

It is difficult to achieve this with any type relaxation or hypnosis.

There is a special protocol which slowly leads you brain to this state but doesn’t let you to fall asleep. It is extremely relaxing both physically and mentally, the body is relaxed and the mind sort “emptied” from every day thoughts. This state opens up the space for you mind to connect the information you have already stored in your memory and bring new source of energy and ideas to the creative process.

The method is called Alpha/Theta training and it is successfully used by many musician, dancer, actors, singers or painters all around the world.

You don’t need to be afraid, it is not any mumbo-jumbo, the positive results of this method had been proven by researches from Goldsmith University in London,  Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Royal College of Music.

This is just one of many positive testimonials from a young musician:

‘‘During the training sessions I feel extremely relaxed and as though my mind is able to freely glide with my creative ideas bringing a new kind of spontaneity and energy to my thought processes…this gives me the opportunity to explore other areas of creativity that were previously unavailable to me as I’m free from the physical act of playing the piano whilst mentally being in the state of a performance. It’s an extremely satisfying state to be in as it’s almost as though I’ve been introduced to thinking of nothing, which then takes me to a place where creative possibilities seem boundless’’.

And the good news is, for a limited time only , I provide  50 minute  Alpha/Theta deep state relaxation session, absolutely  FREE!

Please be quite clear, there is no obligation to buy anything and I believe it is going to be an amazing experience.

I hope you will not miss this great opportunity to experience the state of deep physical and mental relaxation which opens up the space for new ideas and creative flow.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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