Mental Skills Training for Sport, Business, Cognitive and Artistic Peak Performance

To be a successful athlete, dancer or singer you need a variety of technical, physical, and mental skills to effectively prepare and perform for competitions as well as manage the stresses and demands associated with performing. At the top level of sport or artistic performance, where many have equal physical or technical ability, the difference between a great performance and a good performance or between winning and losing is often related to mental rather than physical skills.

With our powerful, revolutionary mental skills training you will learn how to increase your tendency to achieve and sustain the ‘Zone’ and reach the next level of optimal performance.

This individualised mental skill training program will systematically teach you the mental strength necessary for successful outcome and help you to:

  • Improve your mental and physical performance, attention, memory and self-awareness
  • Optimise your brain function for mental clarity, heightened focus and concentration
  • Reach high level of self-esteem, confidence and behavioral flexibility
  • Evaluate your motivation and work towards accomplishment of your specific goals
  • Learn to understand the power of your beliefs on your health, performance and success
  • Train to control performance anxiety and pressure to achieve and maintain optimal performance zone
  • Eliminate psychological and emotional stress by building personal resilience
  • Find your optimal arousal level and improve capacity to perform in critical moments
  • Gain ability to manage negative emotions and excessive worries to help you redirect your energy for maximum performance
  • Identify and challenge your limitations, fears, and inner conflicts
  • Sustain positive emotional state and restore your body to a natural harmony
  • Achieve a coherent physiological state on demand, where the heart, brain and nervous system are operating in synchrony – what is commonly referred to as the “Zone”

Open your mind to success and let us help you to achieve a higher level of personal and professional performance by choosing one of our Mental Skills Training options:

Individual Training Program

We are currently offering 3 individual training programs (Basic and  Advanced) built on unique combination of most advanced tools, techniques and methodologies as:

  • Individual Assessment
  • Coaching & Positive psychology
  • Sport & Performance psychology
  • Brain training, Neurofeedback & Audio-visual entrainment
  • Biofeedback & Heart rate variability training
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Relaxation & Visualisation
  Mental Skills Training for Sport, Business, Cognitive and Artistic Peak Performance:

We are currently offering 2 individualized training programs:

  •  Basic   helping you to find your optimal arousal level and achieve a positive emotional state to improve your performance  (5 sessions) –  training program based on Emotional management, Biofeedback and Heart Rate variability training  for only  –   £385
  • Advanced – bespoke mental skills program using a variety of techniques focusing on your individual needs including:
  1.  Psychological assessment to identify your level of  optimal performance and areas of improvement
  2.  Coaching through the process of setting and attaining your goals
  3.  Individual training plan built on combination of performance enhancement tools and techniques
  4.  Unlimited email and telephone support during training

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