Take up the challenge and start living a stress-free life!

Stress may come from a number of different sources, it can be a situation, live event, illness, perhaps thought or feeling.

While short term stress is normal and healthy response to a challenge, intense and prolonged stress can negatively impact health and well-being.

When you experience excessive stress, whether from internal worry or external circumstance, a bodily reaction is triggered, called the “fight or flight” response.

When your fight or flight system is activated, you tend to perceive everything in your environment as a possible threat. In this situation your hormonal glands start to release hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol into  your bloodstream.

To give your body necessary energy and strength your heartbeat increases, breathing becomes more shallow, liver releases more sugar, your pupils to let more light and other senses become heightened, also your blood is shunted away from your digestive tract and directed into your muscles and limbs. After stress has gone your body systems are designed to return to normal function, but in these times of chronic stress, this often does not happen, causing damage to your body and mind.


Is stress affecting your life?

Do you find yourself feeling stressed most of the time even in situations which were normal to you? Does stress affect your ability to work, your relationship and overall health? Check the list of following symptoms to find out whether stress is taking control over your life:

  • Memory and concentration start to deteriorate
  • You are more easily irritated and get angry at small things
  • Confidence level drops
  • Creativity and problem solving abilities deteriorate
  • You are loosing of interest in job and home life, feeling depressed
  • You often experience moments of panic or despair
  • Anxiety and worry becomes more frequent
  • You become more pessimistic, dreading of the future
  • You lost sense of humour, lost feelings to enjoy
  • You start suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia

How can we help you to reduce excessive stress?

Using a combination of stress management techniques, relaxation therapy and biofeedback training we can assist you to identify the sources of stress in your life and coach you to successfully apply your individual coping strategies.

However, one of the first goals for coping with stress is to accept that you have the power to live with less stress. You can choose how to react to stress by taking responsibility for your own thoughts, emotions or behavior.